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Top Extremely Profitable Blogging Niches for Beginners. Today, Certainly one of my friend asked question he’s little bit confused which blog niche he can start. Even, lots of blogging for novices are struggling for choosing right blog topic for those blogging career.

Profitable blogging niches for novices
In this short article i wish to answer my friend & all blogging for novices who are confused for selecting blog niche. I will share top 13 profitable blogging niche for beginners.

What’s profitable niche or best niche for you?

Well, based on my past connection with event blogging and micro niche blogging; i must say, that one niche is most beneficial in that you are most educated, passionate and well skilled. Education & skills may be improved but passion will remain same in your life.

So, if you’re aware together with your education, skills and passion then, you will get the solution easily. But, wait; you’ve to comprehend the which type of audience you want to target. You’ve to analyze 5 to 10 keywords and its popularity.

In the event that you found that the selected blog niche is remarkably popular and you brings more value with their life then, you can create a website on that niche.

How to find profitable niche based on your passion, education & skill set?
Here are few questions you’ve to answer with yourself. If you receive your all answer then, you will discover your personal blog niche you can begin work with.

They’re some questions you can consider before beginning your first blog. Blogging is really a long journey. If you’re not passionate, educated or skilled then, you’ll lose your motivation & not enough content.

This is a basic guide to find your absolute best suitable blog niche in that you have passion. But, i wish to offer you top 13 profitable blogging niches for novices who can begin with it. Make sure that you’ve good amount of knowledge because blog niche.

So, let’s get started with top 13 profitable blogging niches for beginners.

1. Health & Fitness Blogs.

Well, you do not have to cover all of the topics in your blog. Many blogging for novices starts health fitness blog and start writing all A to z topics in most categories. I does show that, you’ve to pick sub niche or micro niche in which you can write at the least 300 post in your first year of blogging.

As a example, you can create a website on eye health, hair health, six pack abs fitness, diabetes or some other micro topics in health & fitness section will soon be profitable for you.

Again i’m suggesting that, you must have good knowledge to generally share any kind of information together with your audience. Because, wrong information may lead more problems in your readers life. So, make sure that you’ve some education about the topic where you’re writing.

2. Finance & Bookkeeping Tips Blogs.

Now a times, primarily new generation are receiving consultation of finance experts to save those tax money and like to hire bookkeeping service. If you’re educated in finance & bookkeeping then, you can begin currently talking about it.

Do you know if you’re thinking about making money with Google AdSense then, this topic pays you higher number of CPC for the traffic. Just make sure that you’ve good amount of relevant posts about finance and bookkeeping. The larger cpc keyword density will leads you to get higher number of CPC from Google AdSense.