How to Cross Promote Your Social Profiles With Facebook

Have you been active on multiple social platforms?

Have you been making use of your Facebook page to cultivate followings on other platforms?

Promoting links to any or all your social profiles on Facebook lets your fans know where else they can find you.

In this article you’ll discover six approaches to promote your social profiles on your own Facebook page.

#1: Include Social Links in the About Section
You can add links to social sites in the About section of one’s Facebook page. Add them to any part of one’s description where they fit.

In the event that you add a link in your short description, it shows up in the About section of most of your Facebook timeline.

On the EasyLunchboxes page, special arrow characters highlight the social links. If you want to use these characters in your About section, just copy and paste them from another site.


#2: List Social Platforms in the Cover Photo Description
Your cover photo description is one of the very most underutilized places for text and links. When someone clicks on your own cover photo, they see the total description of the photo, so you can add anything there you want to promote.


While this could not bring you a huge selection of new followers on all your social profiles, it’s this type of quick and painless edit, why wouldn’t you take 10 seconds to complete only a little cross-promotion?

#3: Add Custom Tabs for Social Networks
Adding a Facebook app to your page, also referred to as a bill, can be a great way to show visitors your other social networking profiles. Third parties (not Facebook) develop these apps and they all work slightly differently.

Here are a few of the apps that easily bring in your other social accounts to your Facebook page:

  • Woobox
  • TabSite
  • ShortStack
  • Pagemodo

There are lots of more apps that can also help you with adding a custom tab to your page.  Your apps also can can be found in the left sidebar of one’s timeline, and you can customize the thumbnail so it matches your branding. One of many benefits of adding your social site links to your page is that folks can certainly follow you from the tab and see your activity.

Understand that mobile users can’t see your tabs on their phones, if you include an url to your tab, make sure it’s “mobile-ready.” This implies it includes a special link that identifies when users are on a portable device and takes them to another site that shows your tab content.

#4: Create a Photo Album of Social Icons
You are able to assembled a Facebook album with icons from your social channels and include social links in the photo descriptions. When you initially share this album, your followers might find it, and you can always reshare an url to the album as a great method for visitors to see your profiles on other social sites.

The benefit of putting the photos in a recording is that they’re a tad bit more visible when compared to a single image that gets pushed down in your uploads as you add more pictures.

#5: Share Content From Other Social Channels
Sharing content from other channels together with your Facebook page can help you cross-promote all your social profiles and causes it to be easier to create content in multiple places.

But remember the true goal. If you’re really trying to operate a vehicle traffic to a post, as an example, it doesn’t sound right to talk about the tweet of the pin of the post to Facebook. It would take someone way too many clicks to get there. However many occasional sharing from your profiles on other social sites helps draw awareness of those channels.

When you have share buttons, sharing content from your other social profiles together with your Facebook page is usually merely a matter of switching the destination to your page.

On Instagram, sharing your posts together with your Facebook page is really a matter of changing your settings. Automatically, Instagram profile shares images together with your personal profile whenever you connect Facebook to your Instagram account.

To alter the sharing destination of Instagram images from your Facebook profile to your page, open the Instagram app and go to Settings (the three dots in the upper-right corner when you’re looking at your profile). Then tap Linked Accounts.